Plaiting Tools


Hemostat- $2.50, x72 in stock

These 5.5" stainless steel Kelly Hemostat are the perfect tool for clamping off your whip's strands when your hands need a break from plaiting


Lacing Needle- $3.50, x4 in stock

These threaded needles are great for knot tying with leather lace and paracord. They also are used for making paracord falls when one strand is inserted inside the other. A must have for whip makers


M2.5 Lacing Needle- $6.75, x5 in stock

This hand made lacing needle is designed and built by the Swedish craftsman Lasse Carenvall. It is the perfect size for your paracord work and the cord screws effortlessly into it's threads. I have a pair of these needles in my own toolbox and highly recommend them.


Th-1 Turks Head Jig- $20, x7 in stock

The TH-1 Turk's Head jig is built and offered exclusively to Whip Nation by craftsman David Cross. This tool contains sets of holes that are precisely spaced and allow the user to create knots of 1",2",3",4", and 5". The holes are threaded and the tool comes with 16 machine screws. This tool is ideal for 4 or 8 bight knots and supports multiple passes. A 6 bight knot is possible if the user pays attention to cord spacing. I highly recommend this tool for anyone wanting to learn the elusive Turk's head knot. The TH-1 will always be in my personal toolbox

Leather Tools


Safety Beveler- $7, x8 in stock

Bevel the edges with confidence. This affordable beveling tool is shaped to prevent the user from cutting the leather too deep. It uses the replaceable safety blades number 399-300200


Plastic Lace Maker- $9.50, x3 in stock

This handy and affordable tool will help you make your own lace. It cuts various size lace from up to 5 ounce leather. It uses the replaceable safety blades number 399-300200 


Super Skiver- $13, x5 in stock

This skiving tool features a comfy grip and durable construction. It uses the replaceable safety blades number 399-300200


Replacement Blades 10 pack- $5, x1 in stock

These are the Replacement Blades for #011-302500 Super Skiver, #88-300100 Safety Beveler, #011-378400 Lace Maker, and #011-308200 Australian Strander! 10 pk.


Bevel Point Knife- $12, x2 in stock

C.S. Osborne's Bevel Point Knife. Ideal knife for skiving and trimming leather. 

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