Plaiting Supplies


Artificial Sinew 300 yards-$10, in stock-x11 black, x3 red, x4 yellow

This is a spool containing 300 yards of 70# test artificial sinew. It is the choice material for binding whip bellies and creating that rock solid transition area.


Hockey Tape- $4.00, black x30 in stock

If you need a bolstering material for your nylon whip then use this Howie's Hockey Tape.


138 Bonded Nylon Thread- $12, x1 brown, x1 white in stock

1250 yards of 138 Bonded Nylon Thread. This is a great material for making your own crackers.


Paraffin Wax 10 lb slab- $24, x10 in stock

10 pound slab of pure paraffin wax. Melt this wax down to soak your nylon whips in. A wax bath will give your paracord masterpiece the life and protection that it deserves.


Spring Steel Music Wire 12"- $2.50, 14"- $2.75 x50 in stock

1/4' Spring Steel Music Wire cut to twelve inches long. Can also cut to 14". These steel rods are great material for bullwhip handle foundation


Fiberglass Rod- $4, x7 in stock

3/8" (6.35mm) Fiberglass Rod cut to 18". This rod is suitable for stockwhip handle foundation 


Nylon Webbing- $0.50/ft, x96 in stock

Durable Nylon Webbing- Black 1". Use this webbing as the keeper on your stock whip handle. Sold by the foot.

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