Ron Edwards "How to Make Whips"- $25, x2 in stock

"How to Make Whips" by Ron Edwards is considered the whip maker's bible. Mr. Edwards illustrates the detailed construction of stock whips, bull whips and snake whips.


Bruce Grant "Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding"- $28, x4 in stock

"Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding" by Bruce Grant is the author's collection of many years of experience in braiding


Bruce Grant "Leather Braiding"- $14, x5 in stock

"Leather Braiding" by Bruce Grant is a guide to the art of braiding fine leather goods. It includes detailed illustration and instruction



Whip Basics Compilation Volumes I-IV- $124

Whip Basics - A Beginners Guide Four disc compilation - Vol. I-IV (1 Box - 4 DVDs) If you're interested in learning how to crack a whip, you can order four single DVDs. Or you can save and get the complete edition in one package. When you buy all four DVDs in single boxes you pay (worldwide) 156.00 Euro. When you decide to take the four disc compilation, it's only 109.00 Euro. That way you save 47.00 Euro! The only difference is, that you have one cover on your shelf, instead of four. We do not carry this item in the store. It will be shipped directly from Robert Amper in Germany.


Whip Basics Volume I- $44

Whip Basics - A Beginners Guide Volume I This tutorial demonstrates and explains the five best known basic techniques: Circus Crack, the Underhand, Forward, Horizontal & opposite Horizontal Crack. It goes into detail on the various techniques and points out the most common beginner mistakes. In the end, you will learn a combination of four cracks. This instruction video focuses on people who are interested in the art of whip cracking, but have never wielded a whip before. It's a lesson for true beginners. For advanced practitioners, this tutorial offers the chance to review one's own basic techniques in detail. We do not carry this item in the store. It will be shipped directly from Robert Amper in Germany.


Whip Basics Volume II-

Whip Basics - A Beginners Guide Volume II This Volume builds on Volume I's foundation as the middle of the Whip Basics trilogy. It explains the Figure Eight (fast & slow Figure Eight), a variation of the Forward Crack, the Coach- mans Crack, a new 10-Crack-Routine and focuses on target work. The in-depth demonstration of the various techniques once more points out the trip hazards for beginners. This tutorial, however, is only recommended to advanced stu- dents, or those that have worked their way through Volume I with success. And even if you're already a seasoned whip cracker, Robert Amper has some unique teaching methods that will give you the tools to teach others. We do not carry this item in the store. It will be shipped directly from Robert Amper in Germany


Whip Basics Volume III- $44

Whip Basics - A Beginners Guide Volume III As the third part of the Whip Basics series, Volume III directly builds on Volume II, and among other things explains the Figure Eight Overhead, how to safely turn during complex routines, and also goes into detail on wrapping objects and persons safely. As conclusion, the combinations from Volume I and Volume II will be merged and extended into a Combination of 23 cracks. This tutorial, however, is only recommended for advanced students, or those who have worked through Volumes I & II entirely and successfully. In this tutorial, Robert Amper once more offers hints and ideas to whip coaches and advanced students in order to teach with success. Robert Amper tells you how to ask the right questions, various things to watch out for and most of all make an informed decision when buying a whip. We do not carry this item in the store. It will be shipped directly from Robert Amper in Germany


Whip Basics Volume IV- $44

Whip Basics - A Beginners Guide Volume IV One of the most successful whip tutorial series is continued in Volume IV. While the first three DVDs covered techniques around the various cracks and routines, Volume IV looks at maintenance and handling of whips. Volume IV tells you how to get leather whips through the winter, how to make nylon or polyester crackers and various methods to attach them and also explains in detail how to change a fall without cutting your whip! It will, moreover, give you hints to improve your own training and an overview and illustration of various whip types. On top of that it will give you tips and tricks for performances in stage shows, TV appearances or presentations at a family BBQ. There's no reason not to perform professionally! We do not carry this item in the store. It will be shipped directly from Robert Amper in Germany


Whip Basics Volume V "The Teacher's Edition"- $44

Whip Basis Volume V - The Teachers Edition Vol. I up to Vol. IV brought you the basic techniques, advanced whip handling and in the end a large, complex routine of 23 cracks. Different whips, historical backgrounds and practical advice on making/changing your own crackers and replacing falls safely.

Volume V has nothing like that. It is strictly about teaching. You will find nearly little to no whip handling and explanation on cracks. Volume V is about psychology, communication, body dynamics, legal situations, how to approach to students and more.

These lessons and lectures are conceived for the advanced whip handler. This is for people who like to teach and for those who already teach and want to expand their capacities. This is not for the beginner in whip cracking! Here on Vol. V no cracks are explained. It's all and only about teaching and what you have to look for when you work with students.

Robert Amper works as whip coach for tv shows and cinema, gives lessons and seminars for many years. He's a 3rd degree black belt and gives basic and advanced training sessions for Karate and Taek won Do teachers, too.

We do not carry this item in the store. It will be shipped directly from Robert Amper in Germany

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